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★First days of my life in Tokyo (Kawaii Monstercafe RANT, MoCHA Cat Cafe, Harajuku Crepes)

So, if you follow me on my other obnoxious social media pages, you probably already know that I'm lost in Tokyo (again).And since I'm stuck in a 20 minutes ride, I thought this would be a good opportunity to share some (mostly boring) adventures I've been in since the past few days.

I landed at 8AM in Tokyo and I thought that I would feel fine. However around 3PM mid way sushi time in Shibuya the sleepiness suddenly kicked in. So my day pretty much ended there...

The next day I woke up at 3AM and after some time, around 10 AM (where all the 'normal' peeps tend to wake up), I decided to start the day with a visit to a cat cafe.

And the first thing you are being given are cat ears! And to fit the kawaii craze I decided to take a cringy picture with a V pose. ( The picture is so cringy that I disgust myself so you gonna have to suffer too)

Nevertheless the cats were cute and there were way more than I expected a smallish cafe to hold. I'm not sure what they give the cats, but most of them were so tired and no matter how many new people squeeze themselves into lol

And every cat is pretty much indifferent about your existence unless you get them the 500¥ snack, then all of sudden you're interesting.

Uuuuuh yeah....sooo next part was about getting lost in Harajuku!

And then there was hunger that I chose to battle with a visit to the Kawaii Monster Cafe!

Welp that was one of the lousiest experiences so far. I was kinda shocked how much their overall quality deteriorated over the past two years(my last visit). The first thing I noticed is that replaced their colourful chopsticks with some cheep wooden ones. They used to print put your country's flag and stick it on the colourful chopstick's sheets and gift it to you at the end of your visit, it's sad that they don't do that anymore, afterall you are paying a fairly high price to be there(oh and did I mention that you must take a drink and a dish to be even allowed in? And there's an entrance fee too!)
And...omg...their food and drinks were the worst! It used to be so much better and not like food that came out of the freezer...

I guess if you really like the artist and don't mind 'wasting' money on cheaply done food and a 3 minutes performance (if you're lucky!), then give this restaurant a try. The price didn't change these past  2 years, so I guess they decided to make more profit, since they know their place is getting more and more popular amongst tourists.

And to round up my trip to Harajuku, I ended the day with some crêpes! Kudos to everyone who can finish a whole thing. The amount of whipped cream in these things killed me, I felt so full after 1 bit omg

So yeah that concludes my first 2 days into my Tokyo life lol.  Have this preview of my breakfast the next morning.


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