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★ Alice In Wonderland Cafe-Restaurant in Tokyo, Shinjuku // Alice In An Old Castle [REVIEW/EXPERIENCE]

Once upon a time, in a rainy September in Tokyo, a group of people decided to go an Alice In Wonderland Cafe, because why not.
 It was quite a spontaneous decision, that's why we didn't do any reservations, which was wrong because we had to wait around ~45 minutes until we got a place (which is not too bad). Once you get seated, you'll be given some cute head decorations to wear, for example bunny ears.

The whole restaurant/cafe was pretty dark, I'm not sure if it was because we went there for dinner or if that's their intention since I haven't noticed one single window. But, hey the chandeliers are nice!

 Their menu is pretty creative, I mean look at the dishes names! I guess you would be fine without knowing a lot Japanese to come and visit the place.

 They had pretty frisky drinks with LED ice cubes. I got that bunny drink (nice try), pictured in the last photo and it was very sweet, which I like! 

 The dishes were so cute! They are really creative when it comes to customizing dishes. I got the beef stew picture in the last photo, which is also the least impressive one (lol). It was not bad, but I also wasn't too impressed by it, because it tasted like something that you could buy for less money in a convenient store. However I guess, you are mainly paying for the looks of the dishes. Also, don't be fooled by my pictures, the portions were tiny. 

 The desserts were just as lovely arranged as the main dishes. In my opinion, they tasted even better. I can really recommend the crème brûlée that I had (pictured in the last 3 photos).

However, the tea was definitely the least impressive out of all their dishes, I'm pretty sure the Mad Hatter and the March Hare wouldn't condone that (lol).

 Overall, it was a pretty nice evening spent in the restaurant-cafe. I certainly don't regret going there, but next time I'll make sure to go to another of the 5 Alice In Wonderland cafes in Tokyo.

 ★ Alice In An Old Castle Website: http://www.alice-restaurant.com/kojo/

I hope that was somewhat helpful!

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