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If you are into crazy, funky themed restaurants and cafes, Tokyo is your place to be.

A super cool thing about the Kawaii Monster Cafe was, that I didn't had to do any reservations, it seemed like the place wasn't that popular (at that time at least).

The menu card was an iPad with a cake cover like how awesome is that.

The food was super crazy, and so colourful! Tastewise, it was okay, but nothing super yummy.

Optically, the desserts weren't disappointing aswell.

The cafe itself had 3 themed areas (plus a separate bar), this was the "Mel-Tea Room", it's so cute! 

As much as I know the "cafe" is not one of these pop-up restaurants which is only available during a period, so you still can visit it, do it,now.

Original Website//More infos: http://kawaiimonster.jp/pc/

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