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Shibuya(Disney Store), Ikebukuro(Pokemon Centre), Akihabara

There I am! Almost a year later (bet nobody missed me). But I told myself that I am going to finish my documentary about my 3 months-stay in Tokyo.So here is a tiny update in case you still care.

And like every good journey in Tokyo, my day started with a trip to Shibuya.

*insert imaginary picture of Shibuya on that given day*

For once I was there for a purpose; I made a beauty appointment (lol) because I was in the mood to look "polished" during the whole trip. Seriously, if you walk around Tokyo, you see well-dressed people all the time and the only way to not be bothered by it, is trying to fit in. (when that compliance just hits you right?)

 So that's how I ended up in a beauty salon called ESPOIR. Not gonna lie I mainly choose it because their website was in English, their staff didn't speak English at all tho(or at least not with me). It was either because they noticed my Japanese was okayish so maybe they didn't bother(but still weird that none of your staff speak in a language the website is based on). In case you are now tempted in going to the salon too, I highly recommend their place if you don't mind spending a few hours in a salon during your stay.

I mainly just did my nails and eyelashes there. (Sorry for not capturing pics of my eyelashes but none of the thousand pictures I took looked decent and double-sorry that one of the pic was like taken two months later)

And that experience was followed by THE DISNEY STORE

(I wonder how often they renovate this entrance)

And suddenly I decided that it was time to move on, to a more weaboey place. So I ended up in Ikebukuro and peeked into the Pokemon Centre in Sunshine city.

(I am always amazed by how many different age groups you find in that shop which also translates to: there are many people in there, claustrophobically many)

Since in Sunshine City you also have a J-World, I took a look through the food they catered, and it looked super adorbs but didn't feel like eating rice with tomato on that day.

So I opted for lunch in a family restaurant. And my meal was pretty similar to 'gratin dauphinois'.

(I have that weird feeling that the Japanese cuisine likes to put egg on everything)

After confirming that Ikebukuro hardly changed after 2 years, I continued my weaboey journey and into Akihara we go.

Which also, surprise, surprise didn't change much.

(I spent half of the day in Yodobashi rip.)

(In case you wanna rub your body with bishounen, here is THE towel for you to win)

Finally, I ended my day with going to a Tokyu Hands on my way back home. I felt blessed that they had a Conan-collab. So my "don't-buy-anything-useless" attitude pretty much left me once I saw the display.

(all the merch!!!)

And yes this is also already the end of this post.

Next time, I'll be taking you to OSAKA, look forward to it, so if you had no purpose in life until yet: you're welcome.

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